Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Church Mission Teams:

Church and world mission:
Is your church considering getting motivated regarding world mission? If so Mission International may be able to help you make your first contacts in the developing world in a safe environment, making it easier to get started.

Many church groups and indigenous NGOs are very keen to provide opportunity for UK churches to send a team to share the Gospel and to support them locally in their mission work. Teams can have a particular aim, such as medical mission or construction or it might be that the team are keen to ''do what has to be done''.

If you would like to link with a potential mission opportunity in Africa, Asia or S/C America then please get in touch with us to see what current opportunities are available. our email address is mail@mission-international.org

Mission International would be able to provide necessary training as well as a team leader/support worker if that was felt necessary.

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