Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Computer Teacher - Uganda

Bweyogerere - Uganda:

Bweyogerere Multi Purpose Primary School has requested the help of someone who can assist the teaching staff by helping train pupils on the basics of Computing. The school is in a poor area adjacent to Uganda's capital city and needs a lot of help in all areas of the community. Bweyogerere is a very poor community but sees the education of children as a priority. The school prioritises supporting children who are orphaned and often destitute and as a result requires lots of help in their endeavours. Recently Pastor Emmanuel Sunday requested help in particular with the training of young primary school children in the basics of computing.

If you wold like to help it will mean a high level of commitment. The post will last from 1-6 months and would require you to raise you fare and support for the period of service, and even raise the funds for some decent computers as well.

Mission International currently runs the Mighty Meals project at this school, for more information on this please click here.

If you are interested in this volunteer post in Bweyogerere please contact us on

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